Hidden Creek Estates is owned and run by Kerry & Dude Frank. In 2007 they started an aviation software company and grew a successful company over the next decade. In 2018 they sold their shares and changed the legacy of their family forever. 

The Frank family home is in Roscoe, IL. When they learned that 30 acres of beautiful farm land nearby was for sale and would potentially be turned into a subdivision they had to do something. The property held 185 years of history, 2 miles of manicured trails, and provided income for a local farmer. In just a few days they chose to purchase the property to preserve the integrity of the grounds and its natural beauty and hoped to use it to give back to their community in some way. 

They weren’t sure what to do with the property and then Covid-19 hit. Kerry’s sister was about to get married a few months later, and her venue cancelled. The Frank family offered to host the wedding on the new property, and an idea sparked. This could be a really special place. Before they knew it they helped two other family friends replan their weddings on the property. As word began to spread, they realized this property was perfect to host special events and make amazing memories. After hosting a few weddings, they decided this was the perfect location to host weddings, special events, and community events. Today the Frank family continues to improve and care for the grounds and are currently remodeling their iconic antique yellow barn to host events.

Kerry Frank

With over 25 years of experience running multiple businesses. Kerry became known for the incredible events and parties her companies would host. She prides herself on high end customer service and is passionate about making your day perfect. As a mentor and entrepreneur of many businesses, Kerry developed a culture that allows all our guests to feel like family. Her top priority is making sure you receive the highest service, in a beautiful space, so your event is stress-free and memorable.

Yes, his name is actually Dude. Working with his wife Kerry for the past 25 years he has extensive experience in the corporate world and non-profits. With his knowledge on software, production, and business – he brings his skills to make sure Hidden Creek provides the latest venue offerings. Dude is warm hearted and believes each guest should have a memorable experience that is curated and high end. You’ll often see him working with our contractors, lifting heavy things, and asking how your family is doing.

Dude Frank
General manager
Co-owner & family

Jared and his wife Kim are part owners of Hidden Creek. Jared left his career as an engineer to pursue his passion for food & wine and wanted to help continue the legacy of the family business. He runs the day to day operations of the venue and wine bar, and recently received his formal certification as a Sommelier in Boston. You will see Jared behind the bar serving guests, setting up events, or he may stop by your table to ask how the family is. If you see Jared say hi or ask him for his favorite wine he recommends.

Kim loves planning events and helping people. She is all about he details, especially the ones you haven’t thought of yet! During the construction of Hidden Creek, Kim saw all the ways she could help plan events that create lasting memories. She loves the process and you’ll have a lot of fun working with her on your special day. She’s the one that will make your event one to remember!

Director of Weddings & Events

Tara joined the Hidden Creek crew in 2022 as our Director of Weddings & Events. While she has an extensive background in business, her creativity and true passion for events comes to life in her new role. When she is not found directing or crafting something up on the property, you’ll find her wearing her mom hat, as her husband Alex and her are *patiently* raising two little boys. Stay tuned as she has some creative ideas she’s curating for all to enjoy! Call or email her to book your next event!

Kerry Franks - Hidden Creek Estates
Kerry Franks - Hidden Creek Estates

After helping launch Hidden Creek, Aaron decided to venture to a larger venue with a focus on hospitality, and fine dining. Now at Yolan under Chef Tony Montuano, Aaron is expanding his knowledge of all things beverage and refined service as a full time Sommelier. He is always excited (maybe a little too much!) to share his experiences, and ideas on how to continue to elevate Hidden Creek!

Natalie is the youngest of family. When she’s done with homework you might see her helping out greeting guests or with parking.

My name is Archie I was born February 22, 2020. I am a Mini Golden Doodle, and I sure act like one! My skills include: Getting my belly rubbed, and running aimlessly in circles!

I am Bobo, the oldest. At 12 years old and the King of the house, I am not to be messed with. I use my cuteness to my advantage for easy treats! Not only can I play dead, role over, and shake… I can sneeze on command too!

My name is Oliver or Ollie for short. I am the youngest being born on July 23, 2020. I am Archie’s half brother and we definitely act like brothers! I love to play fight with Archie, chase anything that moves, and I absolutely love singing along with Kim. I do not like taking pictures.